AChemS 33rd Annual Meeting Symposia

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1. Expanding the canonical view of synaptic processing in the olfactory bulb

Organizer: Matt Wachowiak (University of Utah)    

Michael Shipley (University of Maryland Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology)    
Nathan Schoppa (University of Colorado Department of Physiology and Biophysics)       
Nathan Urban (Department of Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University)   
Florin Albeanu (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories)   
Andreas Schaefer (Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology)

2. Ionotropic Sensory Receptors  

Organizer: Emily Liman (University of Southern California)   

Miriam Goodman (Stanford University)
Daniel Tracey (Duke University)
Kristen Scott (University of California Berkeley) 
Emily Liman (University of Southern California) 
Bertrand Coste (The Scripps Research Institute)  

3. Optogenetics: Using light to study smell and taste

Venkatesh Murthy (Harvard University)                   
Justus Verhagen (JB Pierce Laboratory & Yale University)   

Adi Mizrahi (Hebrew University, Israel)
Tom Bozza (Northwestern University)
Rainer Friedrich (Friedrich Miescher Institute)
Justus Verhagen (JB Pierce Laboratory & Yale University)
Jessica Cardin (Yale University)
Venkatesh Murthy (Harvard University)  

4.   New frontiers in Chemesthesis.

Barry Green (JB Pierce Laboratory & Yale University)    
Earl Carstens (University of California, Davis)     

Diana Bautista (University of California, Berkeley)
Cathy Peyrot (Monell Chemical Senses Center)
David Bereiter (University of Minnesota)
Marco Tizzano (Rocky Mountain Taste and Smell Center)
Deepak Deshpande (University of Maryland)

5. Odor-Based Social Behavior in Mammals: Signals, Brain and Behavior

Jean-Francois Cloutier (McGill University)   
Frederic Levy (Tours Universty, France)   

Ivan Rodriguez  (University of Geneva)
Jane Hurst (England)
Lisa Stowers (Scripps Research Institute)
Tim Holy (Washington University)
Benoist Schaal (France)
Frederic Levy (Tours Universty, France)   

6. Basic Tastes: Why Five?

Organizer: Mike Tordoff (Monell Chemical Senses Center) 

Rick Mattes (Purdue University)
Stuart McCaughey (Ball State University)
Pat DiLorenzo (Binghamton University)
Anthony Sclafani (City University of New York's Graduate School and University Center)