Quick smell test helps diagnose Alzheimer’s disease: Starting with a little peanut butter at the bottom of a ruler, we measured the distance from the nostril where patients were first able to detect the odor. Patients who detected the odor at least 6 cm worse with the left nostril than with the right were also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Patients diagnosed with other types of dementia and healthy older people did not show this left-worse-than-right nostril difference. This reliable, noninvasive test may help detect Alzheimer’s early because evidence suggests the smell area of the brain, particularly on the left side, is the first area affected (contact Ms. Jennifer J. Stamps, jstamps@ufl.edu).

The poster presentation “A quick, non-invasive, and reliable diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease” (#P11/board 11) takes place Thursday, 26 April, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm PT in the Huntington Ballroom.

Research support:  National Center for Research Resources:  TL1RR029889.  NIH Roadmap for Medical Research at the University of Florida’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute.