April 20-23, 2016


THE ACHEMS ANNUAL MEETING is the preeminent international gathering of chemoreception scientists. Join us to:

  • Network with top international scientists from both academia and industry
  • Discuss the most recent research discoveries in the chemical senses
  • Learn about the latest developments in chemical senses research before publication
  • Connect with AChemS members with specialized expertise
  • Engage with an integrative approach as well as historical context for modern research

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The Human Oral Microbiome
SPECIAL LECTURE:  Christophe Laudamiel, Master Perfumer
Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don't
PRESIDENTIAL SYMPOSIUM: Susan Travers, PhD and AChemS President, will chair a symposium featuring the 2016 winners of the Max Mozell, Mind Genomics Associates, Ajinomoto, and AChemS Young Investigator Awards.
CLINICAL SYMPOSIUM: Anosmia - the patient, the clinic, the cure?
Chair: Sanne Boesveldt, PhD 
Clinical Relations Committee Chair: Valerie Duffy, PhD, RD 
INDUSTRY WORKSHOP: Chemosensory Model Systems 
Chair: Christopher T. Simons, PhD
BARRY DAVIS FUNDING WORKSHOP: Susan Sullivan, PhD and Taste and Smell Program Officer at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) will lead a workshop on federal funding opportunities. Additional federal agencies have been invited to participate.

Predicting Olfactory Perception
Chair: Leslie B. Vosshall, PhD

A modern take on CNS gustatory processing: from primary nerve input to the driving of consumption decisions
Chair: Donald Katz, PhD

Deconstructing Food
Chair: Joel D. Mainland, PhD

Chemosensory Processing in Amygdala Subnuclei: Substrates for Affective Decisions?
Chair: Michael Meredith, PhD

Olfactory dysfunction in traumatic brain injury
Chair: Diego Restrepo, PhD

Structural insights into chemosensory receptors
Co-Chairs: Simone N. Weyand, PhD and Wolfgang Meyerhof, PhD

Two additional oral sessions will be chosen from abstract submissions.




Ann Griffen, DDS, MS
The Human Oral Microbiome

Dr. Ann Griffen is a well-established researcher, known for her use of advanced molecular genetic techniques to study the oral microbiome. She has published highly cited work on the dysbiosis of the microbiome in periodontitis and dental caries. Her newest work includes investigation of the acquisition of the oral microbiome, the uncultivated members of the human microbiome, polymicrobial-host interactions in model systems, and the oral microbiome and HIV. Dr. Griffen is a professor at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, where she teaches both pediatric dental and oral microbiology courses and mentors dental, masters, and doctoral students, while maintaining an active clinical practice at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She is funded through the National Institutes of Dental and Craniofacial Research and has served on numerous NIH review panels, editorial boards, and advisory panels.


Christophe Laudamiel, Master Perfumer
Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don't

Christophe Laudamiel is a Master Perfumer (osmocurator, chemist national, and international champion) based in New York City who has co-created top-10 scents for Houses such as Polo Blue for men by Ralph Lauren, Happy Heart by Clinique, Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, DeadofNight by strangelovenyc and other scents for the likes of Beyoncé, Helena Christensen, Tom Ford, and Tommy Hilfiger. He concentrates on designing refined scent sculptures for major hotels, retailers, and museums around the world. Mr. Laudamiel is the only perfumer worldwide with scents entered officially in collections such as the International Perfumery Museum in Grasse, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and currently a temporary in exhibit at the Culture Museum in Basel. He is also the only perfumer represented by two art galleries, leading to five solo shows in three years strictly devoted to olfactory art: Dillon in New York City and Mianki in Berlin, Germany. He has made and scent-jockeyed major productions, including the 30-plus scents for the scent opera Green Aria at the Guggenheim Museums and, with colleague Christoph Hornetz, the 15 scents for the book and movie Perfume: the story of a murderer. He has been invited multiple times to the World Economic Forum in Davos for his unique perspectives. Always a vocal defender of perfumery, Mr. Laudamiel has given 125-plus speeches and lectures at scientific congresses, top universities, and political institutions. He is founder of the not-for-profit Academy of Perfumery in the United States, has contributed chapters to reference books, and co-invented several patented scent technologies. For the first time in modern history, he allowed full publication of a complete fine fragrance formula by the International Fragrance Association (Ifra) for educational and artistic purposes. Mr. Laudamiel is known for his avant-garde work, establishing a trail of signature, high-end fragrances of all kinds.

In Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t Mr. Laudamiel will discuss the frontstage and backstage of olfactory art and the scientific effects explored -- or perhaps to be explored -- related to this discipline still in its infancy. In an interactive presentation, he will demonstrate what outside sniffers and viewers have a hard time exploring within the mysterious metier of a perfume composer, in addition to presenting concepts explored in his numerous installations around the world. Bring your nose and your brain -- the rest of the materials will be provided! 


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