Make a Donation to AChemS

Thank you for considering a contribution to AChemS, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Your tax deductible donation will be used in the following ways:

  1. to advance the understanding of chemosensory mechanisms by bringing together expertise from diverse scientific disciplines currently being used to approach chemical senses research problems;
  1. to encourage basic, clinical, and applied research in the chemical senses;
  1. to promote an appreciation, beyond the chemosensory community itself, of the need and impact of chemosensory research;
  1. to act as an identifiable organ representing the interests of the chemosensory research community;
  1. to provide a resource for those requiring particular types of chemosensory expertise. The Association holds an annual spring meeting and helps to sponsor the journal, Chemical Senses, published bi-monthly by Oxford University Press;.
  1. to mentor and encourage the next generation of chemosensory researchers, particularly those from groups currently underrepresented in the sciences.

Please contact Tisha Kehn. AChemS Executive Director, at if you would like to discuss specific planned giving options.

Donations made to AChemS are tax deductible.

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