Presentations for Thomas Bozza

Introduction: Chemosensation in Model and Non Model Organisms
Thomas Bozza

Session: Comparative Approaches to Chemosensory Function - 1:15PM Sat Apr 13 - Pre-Meeting

Genetic depletion of class I odorant receptors impairs behavioral responses to organic acids
Annika Cichy, Ami Shah, Adam Dewan, Rodrigo Pacifico, Sarah Kaye, Thomas Bozza

Session: Polak Award Presentations - 7:00PM Mon Apr 15 - Symposium

Mapping Chemoreceptors in the Human Olfactory System
Lulu Korsak, Sarah Kwon, Olga Lacki, Sarah Kaye, Thomas Bozza, Jay Gottfried

Session: Poster Session III - 8:00AM Tue Apr 16 - Posters