Presentations for Matt Smear

Olfactory search strategy in freely-moving mice


Matt Smear

Session: IN-FOCUS: CRACKING THE CHEMOSENSORY CODE - 8:50AM Mon Apr 15 - Symposium

Glomerular Signals During Unrestrained Olfactory Search in Mice
Teresa Findley, Ian Jackson, Morgan Brown, Blake Holcomb, Nelly Nouboussi, Roman Shusterman, Jared Acosta-King, David Wyrick, Bishara Korkor, Yashar Ahmadian, Matt Smear

Session: Poster Session III - 8:00AM Tue Apr 16 - Posters

Concentration Change Processing in the Mouse Olfactory Bulb
Morgan Brown, Philip Parker, Avinash Bala, Richard Taylor, Roma Shusterman, Matt Smear

Session: Poster Session V - 8:00AM Wed Apr 17 - Posters