Presentations for Archana Kumari

Reorganization of Gustatory Inputs into the NST Induced in Adult Rats by the Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor, Sonidegib.
Chengsan Sun, Archana Kumari, Charlotte Mistretta, David Hill

Session: Poster Session II - 9:00PM Mon Apr 15 - Posters

Distribution of Chorda Tympani Nerve Fibers in the Fungiform Papilla that Respond to Lingual Touch and Cold Stimuli Demonstrated with Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor Sonidegib Drug Treatment
Archana Kumari, Libo Li, Christopher R Donnelly, Brian A Pierchala, Robert M. Bradley, Charlotte M. Mistretta

Session: Poster Session III - 8:00AM Tue Apr 16 - Posters

Receptive field size and somatosensory responses of rat lingual nerve/trigeminal ganglion neurons innervating fungiform papillae.
Hajime Sato, Archana Kumari, Charlotte M. Mistretta, Robert M. Bradley

Session: Poster Session IV - 9:00PM Tue Apr 16 - Posters