Presentations for Eric Larson

Higher Level of Expression of Transcripts Involved in Inflammation and Immunity in TRPM5-GFP Olfactory Sensory Neurons
Brooke D Baxter, Eric Larson, Vijay Ramakrishnan, Kenneth Jones, Paul Feinstein, Joel D Mainland, Diego Restrepo

Session: Poster Session I - 8:00AM Mon Apr 15 - Posters

Overproduction of Type III cells in Skn1a Knockout mice does not change the number of geniculate ganglion neurons expressing the serotonin receptor 5-HT3A
Aurelie Vandenbeuch, Eric Larson, Sue Kinnamon

Session: Poster Session II - 9:00PM Mon Apr 15 - Posters

Exposure to IL-13 Increases Number of Solitary Chemosensory Cell Markers in Primary Nasal Epithelial Air-Liquid Interface Cultures
Shivani Pathak, Eric Larson, Catherine Anderson, Vijay Ramakrishnan

Session: Poster Session IV - 9:00PM Tue Apr 16 - Posters