Presentations for Lian Zhang

Olfactory Cilia Defects From a Single Point Mutation in BBS1 Result in Impaired Odor Detection and Perception in a Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Mouse Model
Chao Xie*, Julia Habif*, Cedric Uytingco, Kirill Ukhanov, Lian Zhang, Val Sheffield, Jeffrey Martens

Session: Poster Session II - 9:00PM Mon Apr 15 - Posters

Loss of Arl13b in olfactory sensory neurons leads to age related olfactory impairment
Jordan C. Moretta, Warren W. Green, Kirill Ukhanov, Julia C. Habif, Chao Xie, Lian Zhang, Cedric R. Uytingco, Jeffrey R. Martens

Session: Poster Session V - 8:00AM Wed Apr 17 - Posters