Presentations for Linda M. Bartoshuk

Dysgeusia, Hypogeusia and Hypergeusia Among US Adults Aged >40 Years:  The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2011-2014
Howard J. Hoffman, Linda M. Bartoshuk, Katalin G. Losonczy, Shristi Rawal, John E. Hayes, Chuan-Ming Li, Valerie B. Duffy

Session: Poster Session I - 8:00AM Mon Apr 15 - Posters

Sex Differences in Taste Anatomy and Psychophysics: An Update
Linda M. Bartoshuk, Valerie B. Duffy, Howard J. Hoffman, Derek J. Snyder, Jennifer J. Stamps

Session: Poster Session II - 9:00PM Mon Apr 15 - Posters