SPLTRAK Abstract Submission

Chemical senses: intero- or exteroception? Introduction

Maria Veldhuizen
Yale University, , ,

Extero- and interoception both are relevant to maintaining homeostasis and adaptations to changes in the environment.  Exteroception concerns the perception of stimuli outside the body. Interoception is the sense of the internal state of the body. The chemical senses of taste and smell are considered part of the external senses, as they transduce chemical signals from the environment. The activation of their sensory pathways always precedes food intake and these senses play an important role as gatekeepers for homeostatis. As such they may be considered as intermediate between intero- and  exteroception. How does perception via the chemical senses resemble interoception and how are the functionality of the proximal exteroception via the chemical senses and interoception related?