SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Gordon Shepherd: Flavor and retronasal smell
justus verhagen1,2
1The John B. Pierce Laboratory, New Haven, CT, United States
2Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, United States

Gordon M. Shepherd made exceptionally large contributions to neuroscience. His continuous curiosity and scholarship touched a wide range topics and approaches, although olfactory neuroscience remained at its center. He also touched an exceptionally large group of neuroscientists, leaving behind a hugely positive legacy. One such areas is the field of flavor. Gordon indeed was hugely influential on the emerging field of flavor behavioral neuroscience. He contributed to, and guided, many diverse projects and was inspiring to many in the field. He held strong working relations with several core research groups, in particular at Yale. He furthermore established “Neurogastronomy” and “Neuroenology”, supported by his two popular recent books. I will summarize several key enduring contributions made by Gordon to flavor neuroscience and retronasal smell in particular. His excitement, guidance and scholarship will be highlighted.