SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Max Mozell Award: Studying Oral Chemoreception as a Multisensory Cutaneous System   
Barry G. Green
The John B. Pierce Laboratory and Department of Surgery, Yale School of Medicine, , ,

Taste and chemesthesis provide critical chemosensory information about the safety and palatability of the things we ingest. Complicating this task is the dynamic mechanical and thermal environment of the mouth and the fact that many of the chemoreceptors serving taste and chemesthesis are also sensitive to temperature and/or touch. These factors together with large individual differences in the response to multisensory stimuli pose significant challenges to measuring and understanding oral chemical sensitivity in humans. This talk will describe approaches to studying this specialized cutaneous system that have been driven by chance discoveries and methodological necessity, and whose further refinement and use will be increasingly important for guiding the translation of rapid advances in neurobiology to human chemoreception.